Currently we do not have the technology ready to be commercialized, so we have created a list for anyone who wants to purchase the MEV, once they are ready to the market. This list will serve us to get an idea of the initial demand for engines and we will contact with the interested people once they become available.

I request to be registered on the waiting list to acquire a MEV device

This is the list for anyone who wants to buy a MEV when they are ready to market. Once they are available we will contact all persons who have signed in the order list. Be registered on this list does not cost money and does not involve any commitment on any of the parties.


Your data will not be shared with anyone outside the MEV Foundation, nor be used for any purpose other than to inform the development progress and the availability of technology.


When you hit the "Añadir" button you will see an item in the shopping cart. To complete your order you must go to cart "Mi compra" and continue with the steps to complete it. Logically, you will not have to pay anything, you will see that it says "pedido de prueba" (test order) instead of asking payment. Then you will be asked for your name (Nombre), city (Ciudad), phone (teléfono) and Email (don't worry about country because is fixed in Spain), which we will use to contact you once the equipment is available.


Finish it hitting the "Siguiente paso" button


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