With a great feeling of love this project carries the intention of the

Greatest good for Humanity and the Planet Earth




The mission of this project is to help the Earth to recover the natural balance by using MEV technology and other clean technologies.


It is our hope and intention that this technology will be available so it could be used by all mankind, helping us, humans, to remove a energy limitation that has created very unfavorable conditions for most of the population of the planet. It's time to open up to a new world where LOVE, sharing and wealth will be manifested in all scopes of our society. And that is the example and service we perform in this project.


Humanity cannot longer afford such an abuse. Pollution levels have reached limits that threaten our survival and the species that still remain on the planet.


The energy will become a common benefit. There are many initiatives to develop clean energy technologies that have not been being exploited by most of the world. This is due to a set of circumstances where special interests have prevailed against global ones. This project aims at helping those clean energy technologies to become real in our daily lives.


We are in the first stage of the project dissemination, we want everybody knows about it. On the other hand we are defining the future MEV Foundation which will ensure the proposed goals to be realized. The Foundation will manage the licensing and will help for the energy to reach those parts of the world so much in need.

It's time to think of UNITY and put aside personal interests.

Let's think big. WE CAN ALL WIN and we will...

The Team

The team project that begins this adventure consists of some people who face the challenge of not wasting this opportunity to, this time, include the whole of society in our purpose. We've read in history books how one after another attempts to advance were hampered by economic interests. 
But what economic interests we will defend in a lifeless planetWe feel with enough strength and enthusiasm to make a significant contribution for all of us to be a little better (or much ..)





My name is Felipe Peña Luengo, I completed an intermediate level of electricity studies during my youth, but my work has always been linked to the construction sector until 2008 when I was out of work because of the crisis. Then I began a self-taught study of magnetism, magnetic induction and thermodynamics. As my passion were electric motors, I applied what I learned in them and the result was the MEV-FV Technology

Felipe Peña Luengo


My name is Enrique Sanchez Guardiola. Until recently I did not understand why did I study technical engineering and my career was dedicated during 7 years to help in management and funding research and development projects. Graduated as an Expert in Promotion and R&D Projects Management and International Actions in Polytechnic University of Madrid, now I am part of this project team bringing all my enthusiasm and know-how



Enrique Guardiola Sánchez


My name is Juan A. Tíscar Cuevas, also technical background. Since early times, as I started my career I could see some of the theories I studied had something left or they were no such correct. As a deep searcher I hopeful arrive to this amazing project to share it with the whole world.

Juan A. Tiscar Cuevas